Hello everyone! I have been coding for the past few years and it’s become my passion. I try to learn something new every day. I have been thinking about writing a blog about programming and this is the outcome of this thought. I hope these tips, based off of my experience, will help you want to learn about programming. If you read this description and you want help coding something new, please write to me.

I started coding with Javascript and PHP. Until today PHP is my main programming language. Since 2020, I have also been trained in Python. I really love to learn new programming languages and explore ones I am trained in! Usually I participate in Coding Dojo Silesia coding events. It’s great to code with others and discuss the codes afterwards. Kata’s are the best exercises to practice coding.

Another way I try to learn about programming is through reading books. Two of the best authors are Uncle Bob and Gynvael Coldwind.

I am also enroll to many programming events. I travel throughout Poland to hear about the newest features and ideas. For example: PHPers Summit (Poznań), 4Developers (Warsaw), BoilingFrogs (Wroclaw) etc.

I have also been inspired to create IoT projects. I built my own air pollution sensor - current sensor data according with luftdaten data.

My other plans are to contribute to open source projects and to join in hackathona.

Now I can describe myself from different angle.

But I do not like only sitting behind computer screen!

I am a really big fan of motorsports of every kind ex. formula one, rallying, racing - doesn’t matter! I very often practicing on indoor and outdoor go karts. I very often practice at indoor and outdoor go karting tracks.

I love to ride on bike, go swimming and running.

Each year I learn new things and visit new places with my lovely girlfriend. And one more thing! - I love animals. My dog’s name is JSON. :)

Regards Marcin

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